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Graph goes out of view

Reality.Stop() 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 11 1 duplicate

Here is some information regarding a false "graph wipe."  The circumstances that this occurred under are different from the other graph wipes, and it was not triggered by an undo, and the data was NOT actually deleted.  Just appeared to be.

I had a state graph with two super states (not linked).  I pressed the "Home" key to recenter my view, and everything disappeared.  No error in the console, or stack trace generated.

It's like it's lost where the nodes are, and pressing home or overview goes to the wrong spot.  Scroll enough and you can find the graph again, though:

I haven't been able to trigger this on any other graph, and I don't know reproduction steps.  However, I'm posting this in the event that it happens again and we can begin to figure out the exact trigger.

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Ah, finally, you caught it!

It's really reassuring that it's not an actual graph wipe, but a view problem.

Judging from the symptoms, it's as if there was a graph element created far out at the bottom of the viewport that caused the overview to go all wonky. I'm partly reworking this in v.1.4 as well, so maybe I'll fix it as a side effect.

Since you're the only person to apparently get those, in the worst case, I could send you a test build that logs some additional information when doing the overview. Maybe we'd find the culprit then!

I don't think this is the graph wipe that's been lurking, it just feels different... but I can't say it isn't either.  My recollection of the graph wipes were that it happened on an undo, rather than attempting to get an overview.  But if it happens again, I'll definitely scroll for a while to see if they really are one and the same, regardless.

Hopefully it is though, and we can finally fix it once and for all :-)

Hi Reality, have you been able to reproduce this in 1.4?

Cannot Reproduce

Closing for now, let me know if you get the issue again.

Will do!  I haven't done much actual work with Bolt lately other than the Addons, which I'm slowly upgrading.  Sadly, I haven't actually done any gamedev in several months :-(.


Crystalius was able to duplicate it!  He's on discord with the reproduction!

Pretty annoying this bug is :) For me it happened in Flow Macro but sadly I can't remember what I was doing. Thanks Reality for letting Lazlo know. 

IMHO a good thing would be to scale graph's boundaries/map by the area taken by the nodes. The more nodes, the bigger the boundaries. This way this bug might be fixed also. 

My vision: if user wants to add stuff over the boundaries—map becomes larger. And if user delete that stuff—boundaries shrink to state before. 

Having infinite map is quite crazy :D


This is actually the way it operates, normally.  It adapts as you add content and grow the graph.  Just in this odd case...it seems to get confused about where stuff is or something.


That's exactly what Overview does: it calculates the area used by graph elements, then shifts your viewport to it.

In the past, the was a problem with the viewport calculation because it was done during a Layout event, which I fixed, and I haven't been able to reproduce the issue since.

If you have clear reproduction steps, please let me know!

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Hi Mingo!

Glad you managed to get your nodes back. Do you remember if there was anything special about clicking Undo that time when they disappeared?

I'm merging your thread with an older thread that was related, I thought I had fixed the issue but apparently not.