[2018] Pale icons

Crystalius 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 6


After updating Unity to 2018.1 and installing newest Bolt 1.3 some icons are gone and some things look pale.

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Odd, thanks for the report. I have to do a big round of 2018 testing and fixes for minor things like that.


This doesn't look like a bug (maybe?) for you or Unity. Just looks like defaults are changed because of the new rendering pipelines. Not sure what old default was, but it's Linear now, and if changed to Gamma fixes the colors of the whole unity editor from pale to normal.

Don't know about being gone though.

*Edit: looks like internal unity changes.

From a beta log:

"Editor: Plug-in code that creates textures used in rendering with IMGUI should now avoid specifying them in linear space (i.e. should set the linear parameter to false in the Texture2D constructor). Otherwise, GUI elements drawn with such textures may look washed out when the project is working in Linear space (Player Settings > Color space: Linear). (908904)"


Argh, this is annoying, because it makes them look to dark in Linear space in pre-2017.

I'll have to add a version check.

Fixed in Alpha

Added a version check in 1.4 Alpha 2 that disables the linear parameter in Unity 2018+.