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Pescu 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

I just start my new project and import all my assets for the project and i get this error. Seems that both bolt and uMMORPG use same dll for the db handle. What can i do?

"Multiple plugins with the same name 'sqlite3' (found at 'Assets/Ludiq/Assemblies/sqlite3.dll' and 'Assets/uMMORPG/Plugins/sqlite_x64/sqlite3.dll'). That means one or more plugins are set to be compatible with Editor. Only one plugin at the time can be used by Editor."

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Hi Pescu,

Can you try deleting either plugin and see if everything still works?

Bolt's sqlite3.dll is under Ludiq/Assemblies.


i tried to delete both of them, but both Ludiq and uMMORPG recreate the deleted dll.


Hm, odd. Maybe you can't delete native DLLs while the editor is running. Try deleting them with the Unity editor closed.

Ok deleting Bolt's sqlite3.dll under Ludiq/Assemblies(offline) I dont get the error of multiple sqlite3, but now i get "Assertion failed: Cancelling DisplayDialog because it was run from a thread that is not the main thread: Opening file failed Opening file C:/Users/Pescu/Documents/Unity proj/Dungeon quest evolution 2018/Assets/Ludiq/Bolt.Flow/Generated/UnitOptions.db: Impossibile accedere al file. Il file è utilizzato da un altro processo."

Those days i will try to start to use Bolt and see if everithing works fine.


Hi Pescu! Sorry for the late reply on this; I assume from your answer that you ended up getting it working, so I'll close this thread. The "Assertion failed" error happens once to some users, but usually goes away after restarting Unity, which I'm sure you noticed. I'll be actively fixing it as part of the Setup Errors megafix: