Alternative method to update a project to 1.3.0?

André Ivankio Hauer Ploszaj 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 8

What would be an alternative method to update from Unity 2017 and Bolt 1.2.3 to Unity 2018 and Bolt 1.3.0?

If I delete all of Bolt, including graphs and scripts that use it's namespace, I manage to update the project to 2018, then I can complete a bolt 1.3.0 installation if I do that in an empty scene.
Then how could I copy/paste the macros and, if possible, old prefabs with object variables too? If I copy just my macros assets, they show empty.

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There is no alternative method.  If it's and existing project follow these steps exactly, https://support.ludiq.io/communities/5/topics/1199-version-13-update-instructions

If it's a clean new project just download from the asset store. 

Be aware some users have reported issues with 2018 so make sure to back up. 

Thanks for the heads up about 2018! I'm going to search for those reports. I've been using 2018 b13 with Bolt in a project with WMR and, other than not being able to build yet, Bolt was running well.

I've tried those steps a fair amount of times (more than 5 for sure, you'll note that I posted there a few weeks ago) and after quite safely ruling out human error and being reminded the definition of insanity as doing the same thing expecting different results, I added some variations without success.

Even when sticking to 2017 I failed, possibly related to the bug Lazlo can't reproduce about the freeze on the last setup step even on new projects other users reported. It's and android project so there may be some other issues.

I spent many hours trying the official way, so I'd be glad to try some manual extra steps. I'm sure exporting macros as packages should work, I'm hoping there's an easy dependency fix to make it work between versions.

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Hi André,

Sorry you're having so much trouble updating. I uploaded a fix for the prefabs variables being lost last Thursday, is that what was stopping you?

What issue are you still getting when upgrading?

Arrr! Found it! My root problem was this: https://support.ludiq.io/communities/5/topics/1410-integrating-crucial-communitys-macros

I used [S:\unity\Tatbol_B\Assets\Plugins\LifeandStyleMedia\Bolt\WaitForSecondsLoopUnit.cs] in the past. I was deleting it together with Bolt since I decided to not use that soon after initial tests and even checked every graph of the game to make sure I was really not using it anywhere. When updating, WaitForSecondsLoopUnit was giving me an error in the log at the first "Generate Documentation" step that I didn't give too much attention to because, among other errors, I thought "documentation" was the least of my concerns.

I guess my history of struggle with 4th party plugins is real and although I loved Jason's nodes, I decided to not use them exactly to avoid stuff like this - but maybe it was still in an embed background graph or in a test scene.

Leaving LifeandStyleMedia folder I got more errors during setup because of the namespace but could complete the update that, when completed, stopped giving any errors.

This was common with the old DLLs, and is exactly why I've ditched them altogether, with source from now on. Such a pain, any changes to methods just destroyed it. Unity just throws module cannot be loaded errors, and reflection errors. Since going C# files only, I've not had a single issue making changes oif any kind, especially with the newer RenamedFrom attribute. Sorry it's caused you problems though. I've had them myself plenty before. 

It was good to see them, they would be really useful, thanks for sharing them and now source.
Do you know a way to remove them from the project? I can't find anywhere were I used them, yet I get "Failed to deserialize behaviour." and can't use bolt anymore. I found some comments I missed, but deleted those too.

Try deleting all editor files first. Those for one won't work period. On 1.3 it was changed, the descriptors for ports. Then they should actually work, then Regen, Delete runtime files, Regen. I'm assuming at that point your back to normal.


Glad you got this fixed!

I'll try to get some heads up time to Jason in the future if his extensions get broken by one of my updates. :)