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Tris 3 years ago updated by Elin 3 years ago 4

Hello, I'm a new programmer, and I want to include mobile inputs (for iPhone) but I don't understand how I can do that. For exemple, I want my character move when I hit one of the buttons i put in effect for. Thanks a lot, and sorry for my english :P

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So you want to control you character with UI buttons on the screen?

The only thing that really matters is, that you use Tools > Bolt > AOT Pre-Build before building your game.

Ok thanks I will test it tomorrow ! Thank you !

I tried but I don't make it... Can you explain me a little what I have to do please ? Thank you

You can use a character controller and look for pointer Down and Pointer Up Events to set the direction your Player should go.
I know... its not really good.

You could also use a rigidbody, to control your character with physics.

Take a look at Lazlo's Platformer tutorial. Its 2D but its the same principle. Instead of the horizontal and vertical axis you can also use the pointer down and up events.

Another tipp would be to take a look at the trigger Event Componant. There are a lot of options what kind of event should be triggered, if you press one of your buttons.

You can use the Unity Event for every componant, that supports that kind of event.

Bolt is a lot of experiments. Especially if you are not a programmer like me.

But you will learn very fast. I'm very possitive about that ;-).

Sorry, that i can't give you the perfect solution. I did't worked with characters till now. 
I would go the lazzy way and grab a mobil character input system from the asset store and controll it with bold.
i hope i could help you a little bit.