Bolt lags for about 10 seconds when entering playmode.

wffu 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 7

Hi, I'm having a lag problem when entering play mode. About 10 seconds of lag. There aren't any errors. I'm importing bolt into a 60gb project with several assets:

  • Nodecanvas
  • Dotween pro
  • Rewired
  • Probuilder
  • Final Ik
  • Easy Roads
  • Easy Decals
  • UvPaint

Maybe something is causing a conflict. I'm using Unity 2017.4.2f2 and the latest version of Bolt on the asset store. Thanks

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I am also having this problem, though the big file only contains models, textures and stuffs not scripts or anything logical. I guess bolt is not for a big file project. I tried with so many ways. Still has the lag I enter play mode. I am using only ORK Framework at the moment. I think I am not gonna use bolt. Prototyping is become so much slower, lag 5s every play mode. Please notify me if this is fixed. 

I had converting my project from bolt to other visual scripting because of this issue, Everytime I hit play mode, it extremely lagging, it could be more 10s to entering play mode. I agree that bolt only suitable for simple project. Even for medium project it's lag for entering play mode. 

This happens, if you have the Graph Window open when hitting play.

I usually change the tab in unity to the Project window or console. Then its a lot faster. After it loaded i can go back to my graph view for debugging.

Yeah at the moment it can hurt a little bit working on bigger projects. But its getting very fast better with every update.

Working on Fix

Good news: this will (finally!) be fixed in v.1.4 due to the new decoupled architecture.

The lag you're seeing is due to graph instantiation mostly. Starting in v.1.4, graphs will no longer be instantiated, only their required data object, which is a much smaller dataset to clone. 

Great!!, I really like this news. For such a support, I am gonna wait and will use Bolt. Thank you