You are pushing more GUIClips than you are popping

chenyue 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 7
when i try add a node by search api in Bolt graph editingtry ,the errors shows
Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

unity version 2017.3.1p4

Will Not Fix

This is a harmless error, but I'll try to find what causes it and fix it!

Fixed in Beta

I believe this is fixed in 1.4 thanks for a few different refactors, but it's the kind of annoyances that did come back a few times. Let me know if you still encounter it in the future!

ok,I am waiting for 1.4 release version

I get this in 1.4.0f9

with Unity 2018.2.14f1

Hi YakDogGames,

This issue has been closed for 4 months, please start another one with reproduction steps (when do you see the warning, and how can we see it too?). Thanks!