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Jacob 3 years ago updated by me 3 months ago 5

Is this how a destroy object on collision graph should look? The cube is not being destroyed, it is just sinking through the ground (just a box collider)

Is there a library of simple graphs like this? As a new user my first need is to be able to replicate what i know how to do in unity, but with bolt. I would like to see, simple movement controllers, collision and trigger examples, input and arrays.. the basics.

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Can;t find the edit button. TO be clear, one cube strikes another cube, both with the cube tag, and instead of being destroyed, they are sinking through the ground after collision


That's because you should use Get Game Object between Collider and Obj, because right now you're destroying the Collider component on the GameObject, not the parent game object.

The compare tag unit is not being run after the collision enter in the above attachment, so it would error. Anyone know if there is a way to handle collision enter events in 3D?


Hi Amor! Yes, that unit will get run, because Bolt can detect that the value is needed and infer that it needs "lazy" evaluation (fetching). This technique should work in 3D. If you have an error, please start a new thread.

please help I making a shooting game with bolt but the orignal game object / bullet keeps getting destroyed with its clones