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iOS BOLT error(s) at startup

BearHugMark 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

Was trying to fix a different launch error, so I started a brand new project, and added an empty game object with a bolt flow component.

Build and run for iOS and I get this error at launch.

"ArgumentException: Set Method not found for 'guid'"

Completely blank project otherwise.  Bolt 1.3.0,  Unity 2017.1.1p4

My other (large) project has this error at launch still, just trying to get a blank project working first.

Any ideas?

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Adding some repro steps:

Start a brand new project, and include the 1.3.0 Bolt files.
Start a new scene, add an empty game object and give it a "Flow Machine" script.
Edit the flow machine, to output some debug.log text
Build and run this on iOS

I get the error message "Set method not found for guid", and none of the bolt flow works (no debug messages output).

Here is my entire scene setup:

I can also send you the project files if that's helpful.

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Hi BearHugMark!

Sorry you're having this issue.

Did you run Tools > Ludiq > AOT Pre-Build before building for iOS? It seems your linker file hasn't been properly generated.

Awesome, Lazlo, that's fixed it!!

Had no idea about the AOT Pre-Build step, I must have glossed over that. Thank you kindly!

I wonder if there can be an error or warning spat out in the console when you build it, to say "Remember to do the AOT PreBuild"?

Not a Bug

No problem!

Unfortunately I don't think there's any way for me to "hook" into the build process to warn the user before they hit the build button. You just have to know it!

Here's the manual page for it:


Cheers Lazlo! If I discover any way of hooking into the build process I'll let you know. I thought there was a way, I'll research.

Thanks for the manual link :)