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Charles “Xype” Cagle II 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

Why does nottorus not have a section on the comparison page, why the one asset that is actual direct competition (compared to like single targeted purpose behaviour designer) not listed on the comparison page. Can you show me the comparison between it and this, or are you scared if so just say "I am afraid" and I will stick with the purchase I made.

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While it is impossible to cover every asset, I believe the intent is to only compare against other supported, active assets.  Nottorus has repeatedly had April 2018 listed as the end of support on the official asset store page, the domain has expired, all online documentation has been removed, and the support forums closed.  The developer has explicitly ended future development on the asset, as noted by many of its users (https://forum.unity.com/threads/released-nottorus-unlimited-visual-programming-plugin.395750/page-22#post-3455919)

Does that mean Notorrus was a bad purchase?  No, and the price has plunged recently, but unless the developer does indeed put the code on GitHub as rumored, it is now sadly end-of-lifed.  Of course the developer could change his mind too, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case.

Personally, I find the absence of uScript to be more interesting, as it too can generate C# code natively like Nottorus could and is similarly close "to the metal" like Bolt scripting is (as opposed to high level, such as Playmaker) and is fully supported still.  However, as you state, it is also single purpose, so perhaps that is why.

Thank you for your response. I feel like my main shock when I looked was it included crap like behaviour designers etc which is targeted tools but ignored the tools that advertise as visual scripting tools which is more a main competition. Ignoring nottorus for a 2018 issue in april when its still april shows me they were avoiding the comparison all together, had nothing to do with an end of life.

Now, last thing before I actually buy, am I going to get screwed on this like the last bolt product sold to PUN making it useless to me?

Its one thing for a dev to move on, its another thing to slap purchasers in the face telling them they gotta pay more to use it.

That "bolt" has nothing to do with this "bolt"; different developer, different focus—the only thing they share is the name.

I cannot personally say for sure why Nottorus wasn't included but I feel that the support ending in April does not actually mean that everyone should include it in their comparison charts up until April.  "End of Support" is the final nail in a coffin that takes most products quite a long time to build. Windows XP was "supported" for a long time, but it was taken out of competitive comparison charts for quite a while before that.

Unfortunately, there are two "Bolts" and they are unrelated.  

I did a little digging in the meantime, and I have found some reddit posts by Lazlo (the developer of this Bolt), stating he was unfamiliar with Nottorus (at least at the time of release), so that is probably much more likely the reason it was never included.  I know I personally don't know enough about Nottorus myself to directly compare to Bolt beyond vague statements.

However, if you are concerned, I do know that Lazlo has worked with people in the past who requested a refund.  Not knowing how Nottorus worked, I can't say if Bolt can meet your needs or replace it, but I can say that he is not out to steal your money.  Even Bolt 2, the planned upgrade where it will generate C# code for performance (it does not currently), is a planned FREE upgrade available to all users.

Most of the time I never consider anything a dev does "out to steal your money" save a very very select few. Even the other bolt I dont think that was the intention just how it worked out.
To be fair I bought Nottorus just a future tool for level designer I may or may not get to use, its a nice thing to have ready for that purpose, but I only used it to replicate one small script, it worked so I was good and left it. So I don't know a whole lot about it either other than I prefered its visuals.

Sweet that is all I needed to know, thank you all for your help. Sorry if I seemed offputting I never request refunds I try to do my research beforehand. I have been burnt alot I am sure you all have. Thank you again I will be buying this to replace Nottorus for my level designer VS asset.