Saving Super Unit

Dan 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

I'm sure this is simple but at this point I'm just confusing myself and not getting anywhere. I must be missing an important concept.

I am doing the Bolt tutorial, currently working on Level1, Objective game object. I have an Objective flow macro saved and that is the graph I'm working on. I am attempting to make an OnCollisionWith Super Unit and save as a Macro. Creating the Super Unit seems easy enough but when finished it shows that it is an embed. So I then convert it to a Macro from the same screen, and suddenly all is lost except Input and Output.

I believe the concept is to save the OnCollisionWith as a Super Unit and re-use it in Level2, or elsewhere while developing the game. So to recap, when within the Objective FlowMacro I'm creating a Super Unit for OnCollisionWith. I need to save that as a Macro for re-use. Any suggestions?

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Hi Dan,

It sounds like there might be a small bug that causes inputs/outputs to be lost, but if I recall correctly, the tutorial suggests that you start creating OnCollisionWith as a macro directly, not as an embed that you then convert. You can do so by right-clicking anywhere in your project window, and clicking Create > Bolt > Flow Macro.

Let me know if that answers your question!

(P.S.: Macro creation workflow will be improved in the v.1.4 cycle, including all these pesky i/o disappearing issues).

Hi Lazlo,

I must not be understanding the tutorial correctly. We start by creating the Objective Flow Macro, created various nodes(not sure if nodes is the correct way to express it), then we cut/paste into a newly created Super Unit and named it OnCollisionWith. We then used the Super Unit (OnCollisonWith) and connected to the Unlock Group and the Load Level Group respectively. All of this is happening on the Objective Flow Macro. So where I'm running into trouble is after creating the Super Unit, getting it saved as a macro for re-use in other parts of the game.

But it sounds like v 1.4 will resolve this problem so for now I will just create a new Super Unit each time I need it. Or, I might simply just be doing something very wrong. 

Thanks for the help and you have a really nice product. Great work!