Fuzzy finder TimeoutException

Nathan Baune 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 6


When I use the fuzzy finder there are times when it searches for an extended period before throwing the following error: "TimeoutException: Time-out exceeded on main thread function delegate. Potential deadlock."

After this happens I am unable to use the finder. The "thinking" status wheel keeps spinning and nothing happens. I either have to restart Unity or update the unit options. I believe this only happens when I explore for units which I am unsure of the exact wording, and therefor likely don't exist. It won't happen if I manually click through the menus. 

I have resigned to just search manually unless very certain that a unit exists, though being able to explore this way would make things a lot easier.


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Working on Fix

Hi Nathan,

Sorry for the very late reply on this. Have you figured out a pattern that triggers this error?

Perhaps it's just that the search takes longer than Bolt expects and as a failsafe, it cuts it short to prevent the editor from hanging. I'll try to add better error recovery in this case.

I haven't gotten the Timeout Exception but I have gotten hangs in the fuzzy-finder requiring a restart.

The only thing I've found is that it seems to hang sometimes when I quickly restart my search. Although I work on two different machines and it has only happened on one of them. When I get a chance I will try to record a gif of the type of searching I do and hopefully cause the hang.

There may be another cause, like if the unit options is updating in the background while I am searching, or something similar.

On the machine I have access to right now I could not cause the hang.

Cannot Reproduce

Unfortunately I can't reproduce the issue. I know from the message that it means the main Unity thread isn't processing a callback as fast as it should (within 3 seconds). If you have clearer reproduction steps, please comment again so I can look into the issue!

Working on Fix

Ah, I actually found a way to reproduce it. Start a very long search (e.g. "get") then close/reopen the finder. Will work on fixing!

Fixed in Alpha

Found the cause (Bolt thought Unity was serializing when it wasn't, causing a deadlock), fixed for v.1.4 Alpha 4 along with some other multithreading hiccups.