May an experinced C# programmer get benefit from Bolt

Fatih 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


As an unexperinced C# and Bolt user Sometimes I feel a professional can write what he wants with manual scripting faster than Bolt

Of course there is no visual debugging like Bolt provided beautifully but still I can't be sure which one is faster.

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Absolutely understand your point, and normally agree, but I really think Bolt is the only visual scripting language that helps me work FASTER then programming. 8 years here, and I know there are some with even double that, still finding complete joy out of this. I think a major be thing it comes down to is UX and UI flow. Where what you do, feels exactly like what should happen at that moment to deliver what you need.

There is a difference of course, where coding uses encapsulation, and Bolt uses an event style graph, they both work better together, then completely separately. Having graphs like this allows for much more flexibility then programming offers in the essence of how each unit behaves with it's own set of rules. 

Plus Live Editing during gameplay, you can not do that with coding, not yet anyways.