Player turn on mouse direction

Poinball 3 years ago updated by How to Learn 2 years ago 4

Hi, I'm not an advence user of Bolt and I only know the basics of Csharp.

In the project, the camera view of the Player is Top down.
I want the player to Rotate in Z with the direction of the mouse in the screen.

A good exemple that I can show you is the http://zombsroyale.io/ games. you will notice that the player rotate with the mouse direction.

This is my current graph that is not now working properly 

Thanks for your time !

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I can't Edit the post , Than I will make a reply.

I did try with a new method. Its not working yet but I feel that im closer.

Here's the new graph and Video :

Thanks for your time !

I figure it out with CameraRay Point
I putted a Video of the exemple for people that want to know how to do it.

Nice job. You may want to post the video in the tutorial section for others though. Thanks. 

I also want to do this. but don't know how. Can you help ?