Programmers adaptability to Human Naming

Gipperww2 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 2

Opinion: Will Unity veteran coders/programmer who haven't worked in Bolt struggle optimizing a prototype created in Bolt using Human Naming.

Pondering affect on time. Make artists adapt or programmers adapt.

Could convert to Programmer Naming using Unit Options Wizard.
Sounds dangerous though.

Apologies if improper spot to inquire opinions. Cheers!

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Not particularly. Don't commit the Unit Options, then it's stored per computer. Everyone can use whichever they see fit. Unit options does not effect the ability to use a type outright. If you get a macro from someone, and they added a third party unit, but you both have the assemblies or CS files, and one didn't add in the type, then nothing wrong there. You just can't find it in the fuzzy finder.

Only thing I see is personal naming conventions. Maybe an idea would be it also enforces variables naming and such? But on my side, I don't think there is a particular issue.


In recent versions, both styles of naming are stored in the unit options, so you can actually hot-switch at any time between the two. Don't worry too much about your initial decision, you can always change your mind!

And someone who has built a graph with Human naming can then easily switch to Programmer naming to see what it equates too in closer-to-C# terms.