Is it easy with Bolt to write AI for Runtime created enemies

Fatih 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


As far as I see in Bolt's tutorials we create scripts on prefabbed characters (enemies), we put them in the scene, we know where they are and we know what they act.

However what about when we widen our horizon. What about openworld 3D games in which it is not easy to predict where the mobs go?

And most importantly if we create (spawn) mobs in random coordinate of the Map and we expect them to run toward us (to target) will bolt scripts on the prefabed mobs enough for the AI we need?

I hope I could explain my question.

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Hi, I didn't understand you. Everything that can be done in code is possible in Bolt. In fact, I recently passed my entire project from C# to Bolt. There are a few very abrupt and complex concepts that I did in code, but the super units were enough for me.

Check the Flow States & Super States documentation: https://support.ludiq.io/knowledge-bases/4/articles/143-flow-states-super-states

Himm, may be my Unity knowledge is not enough to answer this question.  l ll be come back if I need.