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Nathan Huebner 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 11

When copying an Input from another Macro (Super Unit) it comes in as a Blank Input. Since the information in that is arbitrary and not connected to anything, I would anticipate it's just basic information that should come with it.

I'm thinking it's a bug.

1. Copy Input Unit from Macro A that has Control Input and Value Inputs (anything you want).

2. Open Macro B and paste, you will get a blank Input.

Hope this report helped.

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It's not a bug actually. A graph input output is just a unit that reflects it's parent i believe, or a graphs input output values. So when you paste it shows you the current values. What happens if you setup a macro that has initial default values already? You'd wipe it on every instance. You could already have an input there, how does it determine which values to change? There will be conflicts. As cool as that may be, I think it could create issues for many if there weren't warnings or rules clearly set. 

Does macro B already have inputs and outputs by the way? I thought how I said is how it works, but if it's blank and you have values, then maybe not.

Sorry but unless macro b does have values setup already in graph inspector, it is not a bug. If it does it should pick up on those, not the values from macro a. This unit is entirely different then the rest. 

The point of Copy & Paste is the convenience of duplication.

If this isn't a bug, then it should be in the Feature Request section.

I dunno why you go and delete everything. But hey your deal. I explained it in detail why, and that this is a purely reflected unit. It's intention is to use the super unit graph inspector values. Where you paste it, you get the owners values. I know why copy and paste is good, don't be so condescending.  

If you want help from someone, maybe try being a little nicer to someone that is just trying to help. 

I appreciate your help, but I didn't ask for it. Either way, it's a bug - until someone puts in code to prevent pasting Input/Output buttons or actually carries the data with it.

Apologies for digging into you like that and thank you for your help - I appreciate it :)

I posted to report something that was not behaving as it was intended 

You shouldn't be able to copy & paste anything that doesn't carry its data with it, regardless of its type.

It just doesn't make sense to copy something without the intention to use the entirety of what you're copying. This doesn't mean copying the input will copy all of the objects the input is being used by, but just copying the few values and keys should replace the existing input.

Either way - this is going to confuse other users as well, they will think it's broken too. When you copy something and paste it and get 10% of what you copied, then something is either wrong, broken or the user doesn't understand how it works (which is my case).

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Hi Nathan! Thanks for the report.

A fix (or "feature implementation") for this is actually on the roadmap for the v.1.4.x cycle, currently at v.1.4.6:

  • Create input / output ports on paste

You can see the full roadmap here: http://ludiq.io/bolt/roadmap


Hey thanks Lazlo. Again sorry to Jason Jones :) If you need some ideas on the roadmap for 1.4 on this, perhaps you could give the user "buttons" next to each missing variable "Xyz is missing [Add Now] [Forget]"  -- Or just copy/paste should overwrite, and if someone makes a mistake, Ctrl+Z should work to undo.