Input / Output (Set as Default Checkbox)

Nathan Huebner 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

When creating an Input and Output there's a lot of repetitiveness happening (like putting in a flow each time, etc).

Perhaps there could be a button in the Input and Output Graph Inspector that says "Set as Input (or Output) Default"..

For example, if I decide to write a lot of Super Units for working with Transforms, I may want to have some default values automatically setup for me while I work on them.   

I can easily just remove an item once the Input our Output is created, or if I decide I want my default to be blank, when I create an input I just remove the items so my Input or Output is empty, and click "Set as Default".

Has my laziness hit a new high ? :D

Thanks for everything <3

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Hi Nathan!

So I'm declining this request, but mostly because I have another solution to that problem in mind.

In v.1.4.x, a new way of creating nested graphs will be added: converting your selection. This will pop up a dialog with port configuration options already setup for any connection that goes *outside* of your current selection.

Likewise, other improvements should make it in the next few months, like dragging a port to an input or output node to promote it to an input/output, rather than setting it up manually in the graph inspector.

Thanks for your suggestions, you're not lazy, it's definitely a pain point I want to alleviate!


No problem man - sounds like you at least see the need.  You're doing great and I can't wait for the next release.