Is that possible to stop all the bolt timers for the "On Timer Elapsed" event?

yyabb 4 years ago updated by Reality.Stop() 4 years ago 2

For example, when user click the pause menu, and I need bolt stop counting down the timers.


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Not yet, but wait for the next update. Going to be a real beauty in this regard. In the meantime, you can try something like this:

Set our events to start and stop it. The timer will be in a state unit for each stopping and starting. this can be extended to just pause as well if you like and not actually restart, based on a bool switch with your user input.

Then the timer inside can look something like this:

I didn't do it here because I already had made these pics before you asked about pausing, but you'd just put the bool as the first thing in update here. before setting the timer current time.


Someone else uses state units!  Huzzah!  Perfect use case.