Anyone know how to make a health bar with bolt?

Guy 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 2

I have been working on a project for a few months now and I am getting really frustrated with adding certain mechanics to my game.  I looked many places and watched many tutorials. Some explain how to make it half way than stop and never continue teaching how to use it. Made a slider health bar but could only figure out how to change its value on key press and nothing else.  I went on the unity forums too and I can't seam to find help anywhere to figure out this seemingly simple task.  At this point I just want it to be done with so I can focus on adding more complicated things. 

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The Bolt tutorial shows one possible solution: https://support.ludiq.io/knowledge-bases/40/articles/530-7-health-damage

It checks every Update event how many hearts to display.

Similar solutions are possible with health bars. But there is more than one way to do it. For example an Image UI object in the canvas can show only a certain percent of an image with Image Type "Filled". This can be used for a health bar.

(This is at 70%.)