FSM connectivity (State Unit behaving like Super Unit for flow control)

Continuing from this: https://support.ludiq.io/communities/5/topics/1410-integrating-crucial-communitys-macros#

I really like Bolt's way of doing things instead of trying to mimic Unity's C# one to one. What would be currently the Bolt way to execute a trivial graph for X time after a trigger? A nested FSM triggered by a custom event and time managed with on enter state? Is there a tidier way to change the active state of an update unit branch instead of using branch with condition?

I'm not sure if I'm failing to see better practices, but idea: if we could make SuperUnits with FSMs like we do with flow graphs (or if State Units themselves could connect more with the parent flow graph instead of just started/stopped + custom events), we would be able to do all the conditional flow, timers, flip flops, do once with reset and galore we would need.

Control outputs added by the user in the FSM would show in the State Unit node - like Bolt does with Super Units. Or automatically have one control output for each state, or if at least we could read state index or name of active state of a FSM - although this could be a problem with multiple states active. Then if we could as well use input values and controls for the FSM, we could contain on the top graph level variables suitable to be there instead of object level.

The reasoning for this wish instead of just putting the code to be executed inside the FSM is the same needs that those tidy flow control units from Jason and Super Units concept try to cater.

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