On Keyboard Input Nodes Not Working In Builds Anymore !?

Guy Rabiller 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3


I have a weird issue: for some unknown reason, all my "On Keyboard Input" Event nodes stopped working in my builds (Windows 10).

They all work perfectly in the Editor in Game mode though..

And all Keyboard Input events are still working correctly inside C# scripts.

Any idea what could cause this ?!

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Ok, sorry for the noise.. Found the issue:

I had that "great" idea to end up my game flow with:

Perfect in the Editor.

But in the built version.. it triggers a chain of events of NullReferences Errors even affecting "keys".

Not a good idea to try a "great" idea here ;)

Perhaps it could be great to have something similar to Comment Groups that would act as "Include In Build" or "Exclude From Build", something like that.


EditorApplication is not available in a built version of the game, because it's from an editor-only assembly (which is why it's not included in the available types by default).

At the moment, there's no way of "stripping" nodes from built games, but you could create an Idea thread for it!