Graph cannot be used outside a super unit

Isak 4 years ago updated by Patrick Johnson-Hedges 3 years ago 4


I am trying to go through the platformer tutorial but have now an error that i dont understand. "Graph cannot be used outside a super unit" what does this mean? And can i somehow see where in bolt this error is appearing? It would make it easier to debug.


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Hi Isak,

I'm suspecting the error you're actually getting is "Graph input cannot be used outside a super unit". And I'm guessing this error occurs because you put the walk state from the enemy patrol state graph directly as the flow state, and not inside a flow state. Re-read that part of the tutorial carefully, it's a bit tricky!

Hello Lazlo,

Yes, you are correct it was that error, but i am not really following you what you mean? Do you mean inside patrol? I have enemy walk inside what i think is a flow state? Isnt there a way to see where in bolt the error happens?


I followed the tutorial and triple checked everything and am still getting this error. It doesn't affect the game, but error messages grate my nerves. lol

still cant find whats wrong is where a way to debug this?