Integrating crucial community's macros

André Ivankio Hauer Ploszaj 4 years ago updated by JasonJonesLASM 4 years ago 2

From top of mind, comment, coroutines and some flow control units are quite a big thing when scripting that seem useful to almost everyone. What are your plans towards them and other potential crucial units that come up? To integrate them in Bolt, make your own version or leave for us to discover and gather them?
I usually avoid adding 4th party stuff that I can lose track of fixes.

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Hey Ivankio!

Here's my plan for some of these and why I don't simply integrate them:

  • Comment: A group's comment will display in the graph in v.1.4
  • Tweening: Built-in tweening units that are much more deeply integrated will be added in v.1.4
  • Wait Loops (from Jason): Wait nodes should support loops in v.1.4
  • Coroutines: Due to the possibility of having multiple update loops in the same graph, I'm not pushing towards a native implementation of the coroutine system. In fact, even wait nodes will move away from coroutines in v.1.4.
  • Various flow control units: Some of them I've planned to integrate natively (flip flop, gate), but if there are others that you consider very useful, please let me know!

Oh didn't realize it'll be coroutine-less, that's going to make this extremely stable, and prevent scene switch problems. Out of curiosity, how are you accomplishing this outside of tasking, async, or coroutines? Or does it use one of those? Would be interesting thing to know for future ideas.

Edit: Also should I be coming up with my own coroutine monobehaviour? Will the current one be hitting the road in 1.4?