Spine integration

PeterBacall 4 years ago updated by Ex-Crow 3 years ago 3


I would really love integration with Esoteric Software's Spine. It is used by 2D developers creating skeletal animations which can be used in Unity. I am tired of hard-coding in Unity, and I would really love to use their API in BOLT, they call some pretty simple functions. Is this already possible? 

Their docs:


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I too would love this!

This is totally doable!  It doesn't look like a difficult API.  A lot of the API should already be accessible in Bolt via the reflection nodes.  You might just have to tell Bolt to expose the types and units through the unit wizard.  However, the event callbacks will require some scripting in C# (or custom units), as Bolt doesn't have direct event support (yet).  Other than that it all looks like this should be a fairly simple integration.  

However, I suspect Lazlo's current focus is on the core Bolt software, and for now any custom implementations need to be implemented by the community.  Unfortunately, while I have Spriter, I don't have Spine :-(. 


I'd pay money for custom Spine units. Spine is the most popular tween animation tool for games so if anyone can do them, it'd would be very much appreciated. Here's more info https://github.com/EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes/tree/3.6/spine-unity