Group box resize bug

Crystalius 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 8


This happens so often and always, I am very surprised it is not mentioned anywhere or I just couldn't find it.. 

When pushing left side of the group box to the left, right side moves to the right. Also when moving top side to the top, bottom side goes down.

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Bolt 1.2.4 Alpha 

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I thought there was an issue for this too!  I know I've seen it mentioned, but maybe that was on discord.

For me, the trigger is grid snapping being turned on. Here's a gif of it, Lazlo.

In the first sequence, I show the four edges, in the second sequence I show that it leads to runaway growth regardless of which way the cursor moves.  I try to shrink it, but it just grows anyway.

Then I will try to turn off grid snapping for now. Thanks!

I was able to resize for awhile, and it looked normal. Now I am unable to resize the Group boxes at all. I restarted and tried again with no change.

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Make sure you are fully zoomed in!

Working on Fix

I'll test in v.1.3, because a lot of this code changed in the canvas refactor.

Grid snapping seems to be the culprit, I can probably fix it quite easily.

You're right, it was as simple as making sure I was fully zoomed in. As the project grew I was gradually zooming out and it didn't occur to me that resizing the groups had to be done fully zoomed in. Thanks for the help!

Fixed in Beta

Will be fixed for v.1.3.0b4+.