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Chris Riddell 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

Hi Guys,

Before I go ahead with a purchase I was wondering if you support Audio out functions? I'm currently exploring the idea of using audio to control some variables within a shader I have written. Does Bolt give me the ability to read audio from a listener and access channels from the mixer to do some super cool things?



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I want to trigger certain functions in a shader with high/low pass outputs or volume level outputs etc....

Hi Chris!

Sure, the unit you'll probably be looking for is Set Float from Audio Mixer. It'll let you adjust any float parameter in your audio mixer configuration dynamically.

That’s cool, can you access the actual audio out as a float? I.e. can I  use the audio outs volume as a variable parameter?  I don’t want to set volumes or parameters of the mixer I really need the actual audio out to something I can read and use... could you give me a list of all the audio features you have in bolt? 

Other than the audio things it is a super awesome package that I cant wait to get and start building some fun interactive creations with...

Hi Chris,

Bolt does not provide any specific audio function, it just pulls every function available in Unity. To find a list of those, you can look in the API documentation from Unity. Everything there is available in Bolt.

If you can extract the audio out volume from scripting in C#, you can do it from Bolt. But looking quickly, I don't see a handle for that in the API. Have you ever done it through script before?

Cheers, I've downloaded bolt from the asset store and going through it all. Will update you if I get stuck on this task.

Also I don't see a lot of tutorials are there any cool places you know where I can learn to do more with Bolt?