Locking Graph Editor sometimes causes issues

HyenaGames Dev 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

If you enter Playmode and Lock the Graph Inspector while viewing a Macro attached to a live object.. and then exit playmode. You can then NOT edit any graphs at all until you go back into Play mode and turn the lock off and exit Playmode again.

The lock icon doesn't show up to Unlock the graph unless you're already on a graph that it's locked to for editing.

Using Unity 2018.b10 and Bolt 1.3 beta

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I've also managed to get it to be locked to the "blank" state... which doesn't show the toolbar to allow me to unlock it.

Not sure how I did it, so I hadn't reported it yet.

Fixed in Beta

Found & fixed that in v.1.3b3. It's a "feature" (allowing you to keep blank graphs and manually have to press Edit Graph), but nobody really wants this I believe, so I changed the behaviour. When the graph window is empty, even if lock is enabled, the selection will be matched.