Not a Bug

Unity Editor Crash when running the "Wait for seconds"

wayne lee 4 years ago updated by Nathan Baune 4 years ago 5

It's strange that every time I run this state machine, my Unity Editor editor went crashed.

Then I deleted the "wait for seconds" module, everything went on well again. 

Is it a bug, or just because I've messed up something? 

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I also used a "On Timer Elapsed" outside the "Init" State.

Here are all the states.

Not a Bug

This is not a bug in the current version, because wait nodes do not currently delay the next iteration of a loop.

This is something that I'm looking forward to implement in v.1.4.

Thanks for your helpful reply! I was just struggling to implement a count down timer in a easy way. Maybe I should use the deltaTime var to calculate the time past in Update event? 


For now, that would be a viable solution yes! A built-in countdown timer unit could be something useful to add...

Where do I access the Wait unit? Is there an assembly I am missing?