Bolt Performance with SuperUnits

Dominic 4 years ago updated by JasonJonesLASM 4 years ago 1

Hey there! I am new to Bolt and not using right now but we currently have some performance problems with the FlowCanvas and therefore assessing whether Bolt would be a better choice. With FlowCanvas we currently using about 50 macros to encapsulate our large graph into smaller subgraphs. The problem is, that each macro is serialized as its own asset and therefore we observe a 10 seconds lag each time we switch to playmode(not compiling just switching). So for the question: How is the performance of Bolt dealing with a graph with about 50 SuperUnits (i think thats how Bolt call subgraphs)?

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What version are you on, 1.2.3? In the beta Lazlo did a massive refactor of graph performance. Showed his computer doing hundreds of nodes still running at 150fps. I haven't particularly noticed any lag mysel, but I don't think I do anything with that many super units.