Making a custom editor or custom inspector using Bolt?

Natal King 4 years ago updated by Joaquin Rossi 1 year ago 4

Hey I want to know is it possible for me to create a custom editor or custom inspector in the Unity Editor? Because on the features page it's stated that whatever can be done by code can be done using Bolt. I've purchased Bolt on the Asset Store a while ago and I haven't found any info online so far about Bolt having such capabilities. However Nottorus which I bought on the Asset Store long before Bolt has all of these capabilities but does Bolt have them as well though?

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Yes but it's not documented, but I do know how. If your on discord I could better detail this out for you. I have same name. 

Essentially these are the key concepts.

1) you need a property drawer for your type, even if it's empty and you don't plan to use it for scriptable objects or monobehaviour.

2) bolt does not use property drawers in the units itself for bolt windows/inspectors. You just need it as a link for when you generate inspectors.

3) Inspector type under Ludiq namespace is actually the Bolt equivalent to a property drawer. This is where you make the look for how bolt displays it in various places and any particular editor logic. You can draw an inspector in an Editor with LudiqGUI.Inspector().

4) Editor type in Ludiq, is what you use to put all these together in the different places . Should be unique for each thing, headers, graph inspector, ect.

Here is a visual example of a unit I'll be releasing, this was when I first got the button going so not juicy looking here yet, but it'll give you an idea.

I think I misunderstood sorry. You wondering if Bolt itself can be used to create editors itself, that is not the case unfortunately. But there is something on the roadmap called "Editor Hooks" whatever that means.


You can make your types inspectable in the Bolt editors (e.g. variables) by adding the [Inspectable] attribute to the type itself and to members you want to display.

Bolt is not geared towards creating additional inspectors or editor windows at the moment, though. Nottorus outputs direct script files that get compiled in the editor assembly, but Bolt doesn't work that way.

Hello! I am very interested in creating custom tools within Unity, but I really would like to work with Bolt for this. Is there no way I could do this then?