Does Bolt 1.3.0 beta 2 stable enough to use for your working project?

yyabb 4 years ago updated by Reality.Stop() 4 years ago 5


I am blocked by two of the issues from Bolt 1.2.3.:

1) Not able to use custom static class and static method as Unit
2) Not able to use abstract class as Unit

I found both of these two bugs have been fixed by Bolt 1.3.0 beta 2.

Since some of your guys already started to use bolt 1.3.0 beta version, are you using it in your working project or just for testing purpose? 

Overall, do you feel comfortable enough to use this beta version?


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Hi Yyab,

Beta versions are always a little risky, hence why they're labeled as Betas ;) Most users have reported 1.3b2 to be pretty stable, but there has been at least one report of a graph wipe on undo, so I would proceed with caution.

Regarding your two issues, however, I believe they can be solved by disabling AOT Safe Mode in Tools > Ludiq > Project Settings.

Thanks for this workaround, it works fine for me.

Is there any side effect by disiabling AOT Safe Mode? My project is targeting on Windows Platform.


1.3b2 is fairly stable.  I'm using it for my main development.  However, I am also got the aforementioned graph wipe (only once, without any errors, so we don't have any idea what the trigger was).  There is also a problem with custom prefab variables that Lazlo is planning on fixing for beta 3:


Other than that though, I haven't had anything that really slows me down. 


The issue I mentioned has been resolved in the latest beta (Beta 3).