Unity, Bolt and screen real estate

Zefugi 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

How do you guys lay out the Unity windows when using Bolt?

I find it hard to fit it all onto a 4K screen, and I'm tempted to buy another screen - but before I do, I'd like to see how everyone else lay out the windows, and maybe get inspired? :)

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I have an ultrawide (21:9) monitor, so I use it something like this (I change it a bit every day).  I'm not a unity expert here, or anything, so take my layout with some skepticism. I use a floating trio: Inspector, Graph Inspector, and Variables.  I do this so I still have access to my tool windows when going fullscreen.

My screenshotting trimmed off the Inspector/Graph Inspector tabbing on the floating window.

When doing regular development:

When deep in the graphs (use shift-space to activate fullscreen, and hence why there is an extra inspector in the first image.  One is detached and in the floating panel, but I typically only use it when doing full screen graphing.)

And when I need side-by-side.  This is typically during live-debugging sessions.

My other monitor is reserved for my internet browser, source control, issue tracking, etc. 

Hmm 21:9 might be the way to go, though it does seem to be an expensive sollution. Thanks for letting me peek your setup. :)


A good trick: hit Shift+Space while hovering the graph window to maximize it! Hit it again to bring it back to normal.

In Bolt v.1.4, the maximized view will automatically include the Variables window and the Graph Inspector.