How to Add FlowMachine to a GameObject at runtime, and let it run a designated macro?

yyabb 4 years ago updated by nkcd 3 years ago 6


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This was copied from a very old post and I changed it to reflect this question. Haven't tested but should work.

var flowMachine = transform.AddComponent<FlowMachine>();
flowMachine.nest.source = GraphSource.Macro;
flowMachine.nest.macro = FlowMacro("flow macro name");
flowMachine.enabled = true

It doesn't work on Bolt 1.4.0f7, there's no "Instantiate" method on GraphNest.

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Unless I'm mistaken, you shouldn't need Instantiate in 1.4, the macro change should be detected automatically.

Yes, no need doing flowMachine.nest.Instantiate(). I ended up using `flowMachine.nest.SwitchToMacro(flowMacro);`.

But I encountered another problem: changed flowMachine didn't respond to events. And I found a solution on a related question 

  1. I set the prefab with FlowMachine component inactive.
  2. At runtime, Instantiate the prefab, and `var machine = gameObject.GetComponent<FlowMachine>(); machine.nest.SwitchToMacro(flowMacro);`.
  3. SetActive the instantiated gameObject.