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Neil 4 years ago updated by Crystalius 4 years ago 10

Is anyone interested in doing commissioned work? I can't seem to find anyone in this forum that offers freelance work using Bolt. 

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I don't think the Forum is the place people talk about it, is all. There one person I'm aware of who has used it for a client, and I'm sure many others just don't talk about client work for obvious reasons. of privacy. People are just reluctant to do there business in public.

Did you try asking somewhere on the Discord forum? We can't private message on these forums, so that is another reason. But, you can on discord. Try Unity Connect, post on Twitter, find and follow us devs, you might find people who are doing this, or interested in it, none the less. 

Ok then I have questions. Is it possible to create a 2D point and click adventure with Bolt? Also, can we use video cut scenes such as videos in mp4 format? Alot of the youtube videos on Bolt are very confusing as they're only showing what you can do with 3D objects. 

Bolt doesn't have a preference, if the API of any plugins, or any part of Unity exists, you can use those parts to visually code with. So anything C# can do, Bolt will work with it. There is a few small things like Delegates and Lambda expression that don't work declaring them in Bolt first, but one of those is coming anyways.  And you can make a wrapper that will work in Bolt.

Bolt won't care if you want to make 2d, 3d, action adventure, or mobile mini game. It can do it if you can. Probably just what those developers most use. I've worked a bit on a 2d Action Adventure, had no issues tthere at all. What you want is definitely possible.

Yeah in the same way that C# coding can handle any type of game so can Bolt!  Anything you can do in C# you can do in Bolt; because it can use your C# scripts...kinda cheaty...but that's why it's awesome!

So the most important questions, can it handle mp4 videos and does it have the ability for you to play videos between scenes when creating games such as cut scenes?

Bolt itself does not actually do any of those things. It utilizes what is already built into the unity engine and allows you to manipulate and interact and connect them in a visual way. So whatever you can do in unity through C sharp coding you can do the same and bolt. You just eliminate the C sharp coding and do it all in Bolt instead. So if you are able to find a way to play video as a cutscene in unity you can do it via Bolt. Bolt is not a game engine it only allows you to edit the unity game engine in a visual way instead of having to learn C sharp code

Wow, that sounds too complicated. I'm already confused enough with the Unity engine interface. So you basically need to be somewhat skilled in Unity in order to use Bolt?

You don't exactly have to be skilled in using the Unity interface, but you do have to learn some of it. The good news is that there are tons of tutorials and information on learning the unity interface, and both knowledge of bolt and knowledge of the engine are seperatesets of skills. I'd be willing to talk to you more about this and maybe help if you want to talk over email: jarbleswestlington@gmail.com

Yeah.  Bolt is not it's own game engine it's only an asset that's a part of the Unity Engine.  It makes it easier to do the code end of Unity without knowing anything about programming.

Sounds sweet, but it's still programming, just a little bit easier 😀 

But if not for Bolt I probably wouldn't have started coding