memory use

cutewen 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

anyone can analyse why MangedHeap.UsedSize so large

(i test that when i don't use bolt the number just came to 140M)

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Hi cutewen,

A better indicator then this is to look at the memory allocation per frame. This number you see there might include the RAM used by the Bolt editor, which wouldn't be an issue in a built game. Are you having memory problems in your builds?

Thanks for your anwer, after that i found the problem was gone when using real phone, however i still notice that the Manegedheap.usedSize and ManagedHeap.ReservedUsedSize were larger than when i don't use bolt ...and i wonder that if memory performance issues will occur in a large game?


Glad the problem doesn't persist in a build!

Hard to tell from the information that I have available. If I'm right and this is editor-memory, the size or complexity of the project won't matter (it's just that Bolt has a big "cache" that it has to load for everything to have fast editors, but that's editor-only).