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State graph Workflow

Nikita 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 7

With green line its a flow of script/ At the end its stops at blue state/  and script cant be triggered again from idle state/ is it possible to jump to idle or end script flow without making transitions?

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i need this only for clean look . i can make transition  but maybe it is possible without that?


Only other way I'd be aware of is an event to it's start if it's a state unit., outside of the unit. If it's a machine, no way around that.

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Hi Nikita! Welcome to the community :)

I'm not sure I understand your question. Why can't you create a transition from Startpanel to idle?

Another approach you might be looking for is the Any State. You can find more information about it here:


     Ty for answers   " Why can't you create a transition"  i can but  maybe its possible witout them? just for clean look )) Any state is working as i wanted .On image  it can start  1  transition second time   but  i get two blue active states  . and  2  transition  dont trigger anymore.    Ok i will use transitions no problem)

Im asking. cos i saw on bolt future list page  a screenshot of beutiful flow...   i need the same. but need restart flow again and again    /   is on this example flow can be triggered only once at start ?  


That flow you're referring to ends with deleting the object, which is why it's not going back to start.

If the behaviour you're looking for is going back to the start in your case, you'll need a transition. There's no way to avoid it for style really...

ok i understand, ty for answer)