Large file maps

amor 3 years ago 0

Every 'TurnCycle' a grid of cubes is being instantiated, I aim to apply certain materials and prefab gameobjects depending on the properties in a larger grid of files.

I intend to have perhaps 100 folders in numerical order, representing longitude or a y axis, within each folder the same number of files, representing latitude or an x axis.The player, represented in the centre square, is moved on 'TurnCycle' after having been put in a moving state by a click on the navigator at the bottom.

My question is how can properties (strings) be stored as files, immutable (land type set prior to game start, materials) and changeable (structures added over time, game objects); to be displayed by a grid of cubes, showing a 7x7* of a larger map of files?

I may be trying in the wrong direction, I welcome correction.

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