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I recently was told that superunits can be embedded into a graph which previously I was unaware of, and I realized there was a lack of UI to make this apparent as well as a few other things I'd like to improve the use of superunits, so I came up with a few ideas.

First would be to have a little icon to show when a superunit has been embedded into the graph. As it is its basically impossible to know without constant looking at the graph inspector palette which I tend to overlook when not managing the inputs/outputs.

In relation to that there should be a context menu option to embed a macro superunit into the currently viewed graph, and the reverse option, to revert an embedded superunit into the original macro source (destroying all changes) or convert it into a new macro.

Another option for macro units would be to make unique, effectively duplicating the source macro (preferably with a (1) or copy appended to the original name) and making that new copy the source of the selected node.(I assume embedded ones are already unique and each copy is independent, I might be wrong).

Either macro or embedded units should have an option to select all instances on the present graph. It's useful on very large graphs. (This should not be limited to superunits but available to any unit).

Also the possibility to explode the unit, the opposite of the coming ability to collapse a bunch of nodes into a superunit. Explode would delete the superunit, return its contents and preserve the connections (if any). I don't know how to not make that turn into a spaghetti mess though ;__;

Finally would be the ability to lock superunits (therefore, their source), and the associated icon, which I expanded upon in this other post.

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I was trying to to think of a way to explode a graph, and thought of a novel, albeit likely difficult to implement, idea. Have the ability to take a graph selection, and adjust the scaling of that selection. So in the case of explode, it would explode it, with a very small scaling for that subgraph.

This could likely get messy though, once those nodes get mixed in with others.... Maybe not that great of an idea after all.