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Hello All,

I am new to Bolt, I love it.  I can not code at all. I kind of know playmaker, but i never got

serious with that.   Bolt is way better and will catch on I am sure of that.  Playmaker an not condense its graphs..  that alone will put Bolt ahead in the coming years.   SO i am determined to stick with Bolt.

I have a problem I hope some kind soul(s)  can help with.   What I would like to do is very simple.  I want to  fade out a object  (  Emerald AI after its dead, Using RFPS )  So all

I would like to do is fade out the dead Ai , and it could be used to fade out anything.

I tried lerp, tried a lot of stuff over the last 3 days,

Below is a screen capture of what I have that is working very well.  It's fast when you

go to set the Alpha change in play mode.   I really want some way of hooking this

up  so that it can fade over a set  time.  

Thank you for any pointers or graphs, thanks a lot for any help..

Set Alpha working for a single instance...

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

Quick/untested solution: 

smooth time is how long it will take to go from alpha 255 to 0. 


Thank you so much !!  I had to go out, having to house sit :(   But I got back and saw WOW,

Thank you for the fast help and general caring to take the time.  I set this up and it work's great!!

Thanks again,  Mark


Glad I was helpful!


What Ozgur said is correct, if you want more control over how it transitions from current value to end or more, look into a free tweening plugin. DOTween is pretty much the best. I and aspy have some macros up here on the forum to get you started. Tweening integration will be directly integrated into Bolt in 1.4. not too far off. It will be so easy then.

My wrapper for floats: 


Aspys' two extensions to expand tweening callbacks and sequences: 



The DOTween plugin: 



Thank you Jason,    I had looked at your macro's for Dot tween, they look awesome!

I had thought maybe I should try to figure it out Using your macro's, I'd be scratching my head a bit..

I believe in Bolt and there is a lot of people here with wisdom and even more to come, I am sure of that.

As a side note I watched all of GamerPET  You tube tutorial on Making a PvZ Clone, Where he gives

a shout out to you, and he said you helped him too.   Thank you for all your doing in Bolt here,

and all the help you give.  ( Yes I have lurked on Discord a few time too )

I am very excited about the future of Bolt  and it's community and all the very cool stuff coming to

Unity this year!!!     


Glad to help whenever I can. Come back to it if you ever need it, but chances are direct integration will come first. It's very soon. 

Community is great, though, never ran into anyone causing trouble. Been around since about 2nd release month. Huge reason to motivate me to continue doing this  :)

i'm very new to unity and bolt

how is wrapper working. i guess this is wrong ?

What you have will only create a new tween every frame. It won't play without you using the DoTween play method manually. I created the other unit to make it easy.

Use the second Macro. FloatTo Routine to use it like a coroutine outside of update. It does everything with initializing starting and stopping, ect. You can add an output port if you need access to the tween manually. I just haven't done that.

thanks, i'll try that.