Hide Bolt icons from texture picker

odyssey96 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 9

Could you make the path for where your core code looks for type images configurable?  Am I right in assuming you should be able to move this outside of the assets folder these images are only loaded at design time?  I.e. you could have a \..\ after the app data path which points to the projects assets folder so you can move these images into the same level as the assets folder.

It's becoming really annoying when browsing images/textures and having to scroll through a number of bolt icons, I don't really want them showing up.  The only way to do this is to get them outside of the assets folder...

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Hi Paul,

Unfortunately this is not possible, because the Unity API must be used to load these resources into the editor as Texture2D. They will be moved to a more convenient place in v.1.3 (under a unified Bolt folder), but they can't be outside the assets directory. 

There is a feature request for this on the Unity feedback website, you can vote for it if you'd like:


Hi Lazio,

I thought you can load texture2d data from byte[] - 


You can load the byte[] from standard file api File.ReadAllBytes(path)?  

I mean if the above can't be done then that's the end of it I guess, but I thought this would be achievable?

Moving the assets within another folder will not suffice, as the image/texture browser will still show all of these icons ('m not talking about the project explorer, im talking about when you want to select an image in the inspector and it shows you every image in the assets folder)


I'm going along the lines of this being ok because the only need for the bolt unit icons is for the editor.  When built to exe this texture load behaviour would not occur right?

Hi Lazio,

Is this just going to be declined?  Is what I posted above not viable for some reason?

Hey Paul, just a heads up from the Discord update he posted earlier:

"I'll be looking into turning the Editor Default Resources folder(s) into asset bundles

No root folder, less files cluttering your project, fast loading, etc.

If it works it'll be especially cool because you won't see all the Bolt editor textures while in the texture picker"

I hope that clears things up for you!

Hi Marshall

Thanks for that!  yes, that would basically fulfill what i was after

Under Review

I think AssetBundles are actually the only way. I actually cannot distribute assets outside the Asset/ folder through the asset store, so the approach you suggested couldn't work.

Working on it

In v.1.3, textures will be embedded into the editor DLL and loaded from memory, meaning the folder structure will be a lot cleaner (no more texture asset!) and your texture picker won't include them:


Ok, so it's not 100% possible, because plugin icon maps have to live as separate asset files.

This means you'll have a dozen of icons as assets, but it's really not as bad as before!

Hi Lazio

Appreciate this, yes it is really not as bad as before!  If this is the achievable result then I will be happy with this