Beginner request for a couple simple examples...

Bartholomew 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Hello! I'm new to unity, programming, and Bolt. As a beginner Bolt is very exciting and fun! 

I would appreciate graph screenshots for a couple simple examples if anyone would be so kind. General/non specific examples are fine of course. 

  1. On trigger enter rotate a 3d object x degrees over x seconds.
  2. Move/Translate an object x units over x seconds x direction
  3. Move one object to another objects position over x seconds (ease in and out). 
  4. On trigger enter activate this animation.  

I'm going through the tutorials now. Apologies in advance if these topics are covered. Any  help is appreciated none the less. 


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Hi Bartholomew! Welcome to the community :)

Examples #1-3 will be very easy once tweening nodes are made available in Bolt. They should appear in v.1.4 and will be properly documented in the manual then. In the mean time, other users have posted their DOTween integration nodes on the community, have a look!

As for example #4, the tutorial shows how to deal with Animators with their parameters on different input events (e.g. jump, walk, etc.). I would recommend using animators and parameters instead of manually triggering animations.

Thanks! I'll check them out.