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Sequence Tools allows you to create a sequence and add tweens to it in various ways:

  1. Seq Create - Creates a sequence. The default behaviour for the sequence is to play by default and is killed automatically when complete, thus I've included options to change that. If you want to do operations on the sequence after it's complete(like play backwards, scrub to time etc) you need to disable Auto Kill.
  2. Seq Append - Adds the given tween to the end of the Sequence.
  3. Seq Append Interval - Adds the given interval to the end of the Sequence.
  4. Seq Prepend - Adds the given tween to the beginning of the Sequence.
  5. Seq Prepend Interval - Adds the given interval to the beginning of the Sequence.
  6. Seq Insert - Inserts the given tween at the given time position, thus allowing you to overlap tweens instead of just placing them one after each other.
  7. Seq Join - Inserts the given tween at the same time position of the last tween added to the Sequence.

In order to use these, you need to have DOTween properly set up and have all the assemblies/types added to the Bolt Unit Options Wizard. If you don't know how to do this, you can check out my explanation given here.

This is an example on how you could use these:

(The Play, Play Backwards, Duration nodes are generated by bolt after you add the Sequence Type to the Unit Options Wizard)

Download v1.0

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You can also use my other macros, Tween Options which allow you to set easing, loop type, etc. on the sequences:

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