Need Help with Simple C# Script to recreate it with Bolt

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i'm a non coder user here; just trying to understand how bolt works by trying to recreate simple C# scripts written by other people.

I'm trying to recreate this Pixel Perfect Camera script written in C# but i failed.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class PixelPerfectCamera : MonoBehaviour {

public static float pixelsToUnits = 1f;
public static float scale = 1f;

public Vector2 nativeResolution = new Vector2 (240, 160);

void Awake () {
var camera = GetComponent<Camera> ();

if (camera.orthographic) {
scale = Screen.height/nativeResolution.y;
pixelsToUnits *= scale;
camera.orthographicSize = (Screen.height / 2.0f) / pixelsToUnits;



I'd be very happy if someone can show me how to do it.

Cheers //

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I'm not a coder either but I had a crack at it as it's a fun exercise to learn. I'm not sure what the output should be but it does set the size. Here's the macro.