I can't open discord server with Mac Safari.

gas777 4 years ago updated by kato21 1 year ago 5


I can't open discord server with Mac Safari. 

Please tell me what should I do?

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Hi gas777!

What's happening when you click the Discord link in the sidebar?

You can download the Discord app for Mac here: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=osx

Thanks a lot.  I could open discord site by Discord app.

When I click invitation button on Discord site with Safari, I saw message as follows.

We can’t open “discord:///invite-proxy/372898252917571584” .   We can’t recognize URL beginning with “discord:”


That's odd. Glad you were able to join. This seems like a Discord related bug, please forward it to their team! :)


hey! i can't open the discord nookazon link and it doesn't recognise links starting with discord! what do i do?