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aouuitj 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 1

Here are some thought using Bolt as a noobie:

1. First things you don't understand at all, there something about DLL and such.
> Could there be "Automatic wizard" + "Show advanced"options  to make the onboarding experience better for noobie non-coders, isn't it your main audience?

2. Manual shows up AFTER the installation, which would be more useful if it shows up in the beginning of setup? So there could be third option "Try advanced  with the manual"?

3. This text could be in the menu when choosing the type human/coder:
"If you're not an experienced programmer, we strongly suggest choosing Human Naming"

4. This as well (pretty hand held stuff would be nice :D) in the part where you choose the lists, (what ever they are about - can't understand sh*t about them)
"Note that you can always come back to add more assemblies and types later by opening"

5. In setup popup there's "assembly options" and if you click "reset to defaults" the list will get shorter (there's no way to undo this in the menu), this is confusing, why is that?

6. In the final step in the window it's unclear is the setup finished, because it only reads (coldly) "Close" which is confusing and makes you feel you're left on your own in the coldness. "Start" or "Start!" or "Done" (as used on other parts of the plugin) would be more warm and hand held (not too much :D))

7. One of the tutorials on Youtube was about Bolt and PvZ but the video started from the middle. Some searching and stumbled on some starting of that same tutorial, but it had C# scripts on it. Searched C# in manual page, 0 results. Could there be somekind of FAQ or part about C#, does Bolt suppor VS & C# combined, can you have both of them?

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