Rebuild database after adding one parameter to script method

Lesha.VH 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

I have member method in class (derived from MonoBehaviour)

SetValue(int val), change it to SetValue(int val, out bool).

Tool->Bolt->Update Unit Options does not help, have to press "Build unit options",

its take lots of time - 2 min (and project is very small, with no third parties assemblies or plugin) for relatively fast computer...

I think somehow only one class should be processed (or file) when press Update unit options

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Hi Lesha,

Hm, Update Unit Options should be able to pick it up. Is your class:

  • Defined in a .cs file?
  • Named the same way as the file?

In the future, Build Unit Options will be sped up a lot using multithreading, but in the mean time we should try to get the update working.

I have this problem too. I need to rebuild the whole library just because I created a new method in one of the scripts, it should only update/rebuild that script. It thought I could jump between Bolt AND writing my own methods with C#?

Hi Peter, sorry you're having this issue.

Same questions as Lesha, how is your class defined? For Update to work, it has to be:

  • Defined in a .cs file
  • Named the same way as the file

Hi Lazlo,

It works now. The issue was actually my fault. I didn't update the Unit Options after I edited the code. It doesn't "self update"? I have to press "Update Unit Options" whenever I add a new piece of code? However it is not big of a deal, it just wasn't clear. Thanks you for an amazing product, 



Hi Peter,

Sorry for the late reply. For it to self-update, you need to enable that option (experimental) in the Bolt editor prefs.