How get code of ADS in bolt ?

Nikita 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 7

 ads and other services

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i mean graphs , so i can control with flow machine


Hi Nikita, welcome to the community!

Simply add the Advertisements type to your custom types. Instructions here:


Ty for answer. i tried to add this castom type, but i don see it in the list. i use 1.2.3 version of bolt and 2017.2.1f1 unity

is it only for me? and maybe im doing smth wrong

Is UnityEngine.Advertisements in your assemblies, on the page before?

yes i have it in the list by default/ but if it try to find it by hand . i see only UnityEditor.Advertisements/ is it ok? 

Just saying. i will avoid this maybe with plugins/  

   after upgrading to unity 2017.3.1 i have this Engine.Advert is assemblies.but in types not full  code/ and no useful code in graphs  .

 for example on second screen IAP service it has everything that i needed .buttons etc.  

 maybe i want too much from unity code) 

Just saying.no need reply .  

Returned to ads after some time and  it was simple as this .  /facepalm

any input and this will show unity ads video