Unable to add new interfaces in v.1.2.3

Paolo Bragonzi 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 4


I've a problem to add a interface class in unit option wizard.
After update v.1.2.3 the filter only find classes (and interfaces but only if is into a compiled dll, not for project source code).
Can you reproduce this issue?
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Great, thank you!

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Hi Paolo,

Bolt v.1.2.3 became a little more strict with AOT builds which are unable to safely use interfaces. Are you targetting an AOT platform?

Hi Lazlo, tanks for reply.

No, my current target is win x86_64. 

I've tried with blank project creating a simple empty interface class: with version 1.2.2 interface can be added to units list but not after update to 1.2.3.

At the moment my only need is to pass as a macro's parameters a interface type.

Fixed in Alpha

Hi Paolo,

Thanks for the report, this is fixed for v.1.2.4. Actually, the whole JIT detection was off because of a bool that returned the opposite of its intended value (whoops!). This might explain some other issues as well!