All My Unit Source Files :)

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As some may know, my life got a little crazy past couple weeks with some stuff, and I have my own projects I'm very passionate about completing that are taking up way more time than I anticipated. I have so many units I've been working on but so little time to do all of it on my own. I eventually would like a github for this stuff, but am clueless in that regard. I feel incredibly guilty for the people waiting on fixes for things, so I decided to upload everything I've ever done (aside from rewired). Hopefully some of you more knowledgeable people can make these even better, or inspire you to create a better one.

Some of this is complete, some is broken but has some good functionality, and some are great, just almost close to complete (like the databases). There are some code reuse and abstract mistakes I didn't refactor yet as well on some units.

Here is a list :

  • Binary Encryption (Not Finished)
  • Comments (Complete)
  • Helpers (Only GetCurrentGraph at the moment)
  • Databases (3ish files missing from List2D, but practically complete)
  • List2D (original unit version of Databases)
  • UnitTools - Events (Some more experimental stuff, machine events, graph based delegate subscribing, ect) Most of these should work but I didn't love the execution.
  • UnitTools - Flow Control (Actually up to date with newest fixes, but I was afraid of people getting the Module cannot be loaded error, in a project that already has this in it).
  • VariableTags (Attempted to do non bolt tagging of graph variables, ended up accomplishing it in the Macro style UnitTools - Events (Not the version above).


Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):


:-)  I was actually talking on Discord today about setting up a community additions GitHub.  Seems like the perfect start to that!

I hope you mean life is crazy in a good way!  You're in good company there, I live in a circus :-)


You should totally do that! I would love that as I'm sure many others would as well. I'd be honored to be the first contributor :)

Not good, family health stuff, but all is gravy now :). Time to start focusing on the actual game building though! Keep me in the loop with the GitHub, I've reactivated my status on discord, I'll be around more again. Let me know if you need help with anything.


Where should I paste all these resources?


You're probably looking for the compiled forms, which are in the various topics in the Macro section.  This is the source code for how he did that techno-wizardry.

(which is also available on Github, as mentioned above at 

Though I don't have everything incorporated yet.


Thank you for sharing it with us!